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About me

I am Mattia Guadagnini, I was born on 11/04/2002 and I do motocross.

I travel the world and I am taking part in the MX2 worldwide championship for the RedBull KTM Factory team.

This has always been my dream and I’ve finally entered the most titled team in the world and I will do my best to achieve good results and to reach my goals.

I started riding motorcycles when I was 4 years old, driven by a passion that my father passed me down, and when I was 7 not only I did my first races, but I also took part in more and more important championships.

So far I have won 8 Italian championships, in 2019 I became European and global Junior 125 champion and in 2020 I classified myself second at the 250 European championship.

I really like staying in touch with fans and making them part of my adventures.

For this reason, I try to be very active on social media and to create contents that help me bring motocross to everyone’s home. See you soon with lots of new adventures.

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